The Brotherhood is a private club for gay or bi men who are into the leather lifestyle and want to socialize and play with like-minded men.

If you are interested in becoming a member, here is our membership Criteria. Click on the link for a printable version.


What is The Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood is a group of gay men who live in the Leather lifestyle. The group was started for social, play and other activities.

We are a group that fosters fellowship with Gay Men, by Gay Men and for Gay Men. We support the ideals of “Better Together,” but also recognize that there is a need for such a Brotherhood that encourages the Leather Men’s lifestyle.

The Brotherhood encourages Safe, Sane and Consensual Play, but recognizes that everyone has varying definitions of play.

Our Brotherhood endeavors to bring together Leather Men for public events such as BBQ’s, Potlucks, Motor Cycle Runs, bar events and more.

The Brotherhood is also a networking entity that encourage its membership to hold private events such as BDSM Play Parties, Fuck Parties, Holiday Parties and mentoring for the curious.

Private events hosted by members are subject are to the host’s standards.

How does one become a member for the brotherhood?

To become a member of The Brotherhood,
you must know a current member and have a member be willing to sponsor you as a prospective member for a period of 6 months.


The sponsor is expected to review the questions on the membership brochure with the “prospective member” to ascertain their level of experience and interest with the Leather BDSM lifestyle.

A sponsoring member is responsible for his prospective member and will be held accountable for his attitude, availability and actions in The Brotherhood group settings during the 6 months pledging period.

Sponsoring member must accompany prospective member to at least 2 Meetings, or other Club sponsored event during the pledging period.

Sponsoring member must introduce and hand in application and fees for the prospective member at a General Meeting for approval of becoming a prospective member.

Prospective Members

An active member must sponsor all prospective members.

Prospective members while at monthly meetings may speak to issues but may not vote on issues, failure to comply will result in removal from the meeting.

Prospective members will provide their sponsor the prospective member’s questionnaire and go over it with them before they are presented as a Prospective Member.

Prospective members are expected to demonstrate an active life in The Brotherhood and pursue connections with those most active; this is intended to form a stronger brotherhood membership as we grow and not simply a larger membership.

Prospective members will pay a $5 non-refundable fee and will be awarded a identity tag. This tag will be worn at all events and will identify the prospective members as such at all events.

Prospective members will be voted on at the end of their 6-month term. Members will be notified when a Prospective members will be voted on to become a member. Only Members who attend the monthly meeting will voting. A prospective member must have 66% acceptance in the brotherhood to become a member.

Prospective members must attend at least one monthly meeting prior to attending any brotherhood-sponsored events.

All prospective members will undergo an interview by the membership committee so as to determine their self determined voluntary induction, if any, after their six-month pledge period has elapsed

Prospective members will undergo a 6-month trial period, during which a prospective member must attend 4 meetings and one brotherhood sponsored event.


Prospective members will be escorted out during voting process.

If a member votes NO to a prospective members becoming a member they must give a reason for their NO vote. Only members who are present at the meeting may vote and NO votes under any circumstances will be accepted late or by proxy.

If a prospective member is witnessed demonstrating dishonor to other members or significantly abusing drugs and/or alcohol they will be denied the opportunity to re-pledge. The sponsoring member and all other members will be instructed to never bring that man back into a brotherhood event.

Prospective members may make a 2nd attempt at membership if they are declined through the first 6-month trial period. The complete action will be carried out as though they were never a prospective member in the 1st attempt.

The Brotherhood is intended to be a group of men who honor each other and promote solidarity and unification in the leather BDSM community. We do not want those who are inclined towards public defamation of character or slander to become part of our organization. We desire to build trust and communication within our membership. These qualities will set us on a clear course to assist in the definition of community and be integral in showing our strengths through our unity.

If you have more questions please contact our membership committee.